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Walking Balloons

When filled with Helium, these animal shaped walking balloons do not simply float away in the air, they stand on their own feet with a life-like look and feel.  These balloon animals are between 20" and 35" in size - some almost life-sized (except for the Dinosaur).   When pulled along by their owner, these airwalker balloons obediently follow along behind you with a real swagger, as though really walking.

We currently have 27 different species of pet balloon from Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Pigs, Ducks, a Zebra, a Tiger and even a Dinosaur. We also have the ever popular Hello Kitty Balloon in either blue or pink. They make excellent party balloons for children or adults (the walking chickens are a great novelty idea if you are looking for hen night balloons).



Walking Helium Animal Balloons


Ideal for Childrens Parties


Pull their string and

take them for a walk

Great Fun for all Ages

When filled with Helium, their legs weigh them down so that they stand on their feet.


Hello Kitty Balloon


Walking Hello Kitty Balloon (Pink)


Pig Balloon



Walking Lucky Pig Balloon


Hello Kitty Balloon

Walking Hello Kitty Balloon (Blue)


Just fill them with Helium and bring them to life.

Walking Dog Balloon

Walking Party Dog



angry bird balloons

Angry Bird Balloons (NEW)

£2.10 each

or all 6 with FREE Pig for £12

Colour :
Quantity :

Walking Dog Balloon

Walking Brown Spotty Dog


Available in 24 different species.

Wholesale Walking Balloon Prices

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Fill them with Helium and they automatically stay inflated with the built-in Valve.

Dog Balloon

Walking Brown & Gold Lucky Dog Balloon


Pig Balloon

Walking Pig Balloon


Duck Balloon

Walking Duck Balloon


For a great idea for Hen Nights why not get some Walking Chicken Balloons

Walking Chicken Balloon

Walking Chicken Balloon (Gold)



Dog Shaped Balloon


Walking Happy Dog Balloon


Chicken Shaped Balloon

Walking Chicken Balloon (Red)


A novel idea for Weddings

Dog Shaped Balloon

Walking Brown & Silver Dog




Doraemon Balloon

Walking Doraemon Kitty Balloon


Walking Dog Balloon

Walking Bronze & Silver Dog



Excellent Party Balloons

Dog Shaped Helium Balloon

Walking Brown and Gold Dog



Walking Cat Balloon

Walking Cat Balloon


Dog Balloon

Walking Green Spotty Dog


If you are looking for kids party supplies then try some Walking Balloons

Dog Helium Balloon

Walking Purple Dog











See our range of New Supersized Balloons

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What you Get

These walking balloon animals are sold flat-packed and un-inflated. They have a self-sealing valve so that when filled with Helium they automatically stay inflated without tying them. These mylar balloons are very tough and durable and they also come with cord attached at the front so that they can be pulled along. Postage is free to anywhere in the UK. You can get them filled with Helium at most Florists, Balloon Shops or Card shops for between 50p and £1.   Alternatively you can hire Helium Bottles or buy disposable Helium Bottles to fill them yourselves.


Ideas for Walking Balloons

Walking Animal Balloons are an ideal gift for a loved one or if you are looking for childrens helium party balloons or birthday party balloons, or even for adult parties.  Why not buy a few and try selling them on eBay where they can sell for up to £20 EACH (inflated).  What about boot fairs, fun fairs, seaside resorts?  The inflatable chickens make a fantastic novelty gift for Hen Nights. Balloon and Card shop owners should be able to make a good profit from these animal shaped balloons which make everyone smile when they see them.   Kids love them.

The walking animal helium filled balloons stay inflated for at least a week - and can be re-filled many times.


Wholesale Helium Balloons

We are UK suppliers of Wholesale Helium Balloons and novelty balloons. See our wholesale balloon prices or contact Walking Balloons on 020 8306 6536 or 077652 46988 or email sales@walkingballoons.co.uk



Postage is FREE for deliveries anywhere in the UK.

For orders outside of the UK call 020 8306 6536 or 07872 181251 or email on info@walkingballoons.co.uk to arrange postal options.

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